UK Escort Services

Like many other countries around the world, the UK has its share of escort services, providing escorts for lunches, functions or even just for companionship for the more lonely among us. In the UK, London has of course always had the most escort agencies and continues to still have but as the other cities are becoming increasingly popular for both tourists and businessmen, they too are starting to have their fair share of escort agencies appearing and escorts in nottingham as well as other cities are easily found on the internet. Although many people may only associate escort services with prostitution, escorts are needed by many people for other purposes, perhaps a massage only or a companion for dinner and so the type of escort required will have to be known in advance as all of them, regardless of the services they provide, may all be listed together. For this reason, when requiring an escort, a potential customer should look through the relevant website, looking at the profiles of each escort to see exactly what services they are that each individual may offer. Obviously, as the profiles are often written by the escorts themselves and they want to attract as many clients as possible, they may be a little ambiguous but many sites will often also display reviews from previous clients for those escorts and by reading those, any potential client should be able to determine exactly which escort is right for them. The website should also display the costs for each escort and those costs will of course vary from one escort to another and will usually be displayed in quantities of time, such as half an hour or an hourly rate. As some escorts may offer sexual services and the operating of a prostitution business is illegal in the UK, clients will usually make the arrangements directly with the escort of their choice as, in this manner; the agency can legally deny any knowledge of sexual activities being agreed to. As prostitution itself, as long as it is done in private, is not illegal and nor is paying for sex illegal in the UK, agreements between the escort and clients, made in private, are totally legal. If however, an escort is offering their services through threat of violence or any other punishment, any sexual activity is deemed to be illegal and prosecutions can follow and so a potential client should try and ensure that the agency they are using is as reliable and well established.

Obviously in other countries around the world, the procedure for attaining an escort may differ as each country has its own rules relating to paying for sex and prostitution. For example in India, although prostitution is legal, it is illegal if carried out in a hotel. Obviously the charges for an escort also vary from country to country and from city to city but in NYC, where there are many escort agencies, the breakdown of the cost, which can vary from $200 to $1500 an hour is, 50% for the escort and 40% for the agency with the other 10% going to the booking agent.